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Integrating Google Authorship Into Your Firm’s Blog

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If you haven’t noticed the small thumbnail pictures taking over the first page of Google, you obviously haven’t been paying attention.  I have noticed a substantial increase in the amount of attorneys who are utilizing what is called Google authorship for their main website.  The idea behind this concept is simple.  When you create a profile on Google’s social media platform (Google+) you can claim certain content on their internet to indicate that you are the author.  By using a few lines of code in your site you too can have that catchy picture show up in the SERPS next to your website.

While having a thumbnail picture can certainly increase conversion, there has to be more to it than that.  I’ve experimented on my own and read many articles/forums regarding this issue and I believe that if you don’t start using authorship you will be left in the dust.  Essentially, its a way present yourself as an authority figure in your particular niche.  Creating content on reputable sites as well as your own is very important and can give you that edge you need over your local competition.

Don’t be fooled by some internet marketer who wants to charge you a fortune to set this up.  It’s very easy and you can do it yourself in less than 30 minutes with a little research.  I recommend creating a Google + profile and just playing around with it for a few hours.  Familiarize yourself with how it works and look at some of the more successful attorneys to get an idea of what they’re doing right.  You will be increasing your authority in no time and I’m pretty sure you’re efforts will be well rewarded in the near future.

Using Long Tail Searches To Increase Traffic

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This is a technique used by many bloggers and affiliate marketers which can really be effective if you’re willing to create lots of engaging content.  Most people that try this method don’t think it’s effective because it takes a long time to have a positive effect.  If you are an attorney or currently working on an attorney website, you realize how difficult the competition is and it can really be nearly impossible to take them head on for “money keywords”.  While not always the case, it can be effective to concede that fact and focus on increasing targeted traffic for some not so competitive terms.  Now is the time to setup a legal blog and focus on long-tail searches.  So what is a long tail search and how can it be used to get more clients?

A long tail search is simply a keyword phrase that has more words so not many people are optimizing for that particular phrase.  For example let’s use Chicago criminal defense attorneys.  Chances are most people will be going after “criminal lawyer in chicago, chicago criminal attorney, etc.”.  It can be very difficult to compete if you don’t have a large budget, but that doesn’t mean that you should just give up.  By creating a more specific blog post about a topic you can still outrank them without spending a fortune.  For example, write a post about “field sobriety tests after a dui arrest in Chicago”.  I can guarantee you that the competition will be much less and you can actually rank on the first page.  While this phrase will obviously have less traffic, if you write a few hundred over a period the traffic really adds up.  Once your traffic begins to increase you can then start focusing on the more competitive terms which you were unable to target before.

Many business models utilize this strategy including the most successful e-commerce store on the planet. has made a killing dominating the long tail searches.  You can pretty much find anything on amazon and that was their strategy from the beginning.  They work  closely with 1000’s of vendors and not only does this make very obscure products available, but it drastically reduces their cost of holding expensive inventory.  It seems to work for them, it can do the same for your practice.  This key here is target phrases that are targeted and to write LOTS of quality posts.  This method is not going to yield quick results, but if you put in the time and do it correctly, it can substantially increase the amount of calls coming into your law practice.