What Content Management System To Use?

While there are plenty of options available for blogging, I usually recommend using WordPress.  It’s easy to install, easy to use, and isn’t super complicated.  After a few hours of instruction, anybody can master wordpress regardless of their “technical savvy”.  Once the blog is setup properly all you really have to do write posts and be able to post images, videos, etc.

Your first order of priority is selecting a theme which you want to use.  There are many companies that make custom themes, but they are pricey and in many instances worse than other themes available online.  I recommend using themeforest.net, and I have purchased and used dozens of themes with very little issues.  Once you find a developer you like, it’s easy to understand the functions even in themes that you have never used previously.  I recommend having the home page display your blog posts, but not everyone is the same and some attorneys want a front page with additional information.

The next major hurdle is adding plugins and customizing the install to your needs.  Plugins are simply programs developed by other users that can accomplish certain things such as adding an upgraded image gallery.  You can integrate most of these plugins to any theme, but sometimes you will only be able to use them in sidebars, footers, etc.  The most effective plugin availble right now is made by Yoast SEO.  It really helps you clean up the simple on-page issues and makes sure that your site properly optimized.  If you haven’t already, give wordpress a try on your next blog….you won’t be disappointed.